A unique tarot deck for lovers of mixed media and history, Lost and Found combines the old, the new, and the absurd in a very neurodivergent way. Explore themes of loss, memory, timelines, and connections with this newly designed tarot deck. With room for interpretation, these cards each have general meanings and/or backstories that bring entirely new messages to the reader. 


 A Few Highlights


The Trumpeteer

Pure passion, purpose fulfilled, harmony, and connection with a team or group. The Trumpeteer is a nod at the feeling of complete perfection when playing an instrument with others, all parts coming together in just the right way. Similarly, when drawing this card, all parts of your life are coming together in just the right way. Stars are aligning to bring you to your purpose in life. It is time to sit back, take a deep breath, and open your arms to accept what the universe is bringing you - no strings attached. 

The Sketcher

This card represents a dark time in your life. A numbness and a dissociation. Jumbled lines find a space in your over-occupied mind and become an unconscious habit for years to come. The lines represent something oddly comforting that you don't even realize until years from now. It's not important to understand, but during this time you will find a very small peace in your jumbled lines. This will carry you through life and inspire you, even when the Sketcher is no longer there. 

The Sun

This card represents general optimism, success, positivity. The sun is hiding away the darkness just for you, just for a moment, so you can catch your breath and enjoy life. It watches from afar, smiling with pride at your perseverance. Good times are here, or if not, they are coming. 

The Soulmates

No matter where life leads you, the road to home will  always point to your soulmate. It is a time to ask yourself what you believe about love. Who is your soulmate? Is it a friend, or a partner? Is it more than one person? What even is a soulmate, to you? As you understand these questions and come to conclusions, you may find yourself in an inner battle about love. Always, always fight for love. Even if love doesn't fight back. 


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